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HeARTS Festival

The 2016 CARING FOR OUR PLANET Literary Competition Winners

Writers Unblocked

The Writers Unblocked had a literary competition sponsored by New Monaco. It was open to all Peachland and West Kelowna adult residents and children, from grades 6 – 12. Skill and mental acuity was tested by writing a short story about Caring For Our Planet in 1000 words or less. Entry deadline was February 5th. Prizes were awarded at the HeARTS FESTIVAL on February 13th.


Please CLICK on the links to read the literary pieces – ENJOY!

Other winners will be added as they are received.

In the ADULT category (alphabetical order) :

Angela Kanik: Caring For Our Planet

Carol Moltschanow: It All Started with the Bees

Wayne Power:  Please Do Not Disturb

Shawna Quinn: Ways of Knowing


Jayda Baxter:  Peace at Last

Jemima Harms: Destroyed

Bonnie Odell: Our Tears of Yesterday


Sasha Torin: I Changed a Baby’s Diaper and Saved the World

Maisie Twombley: Crossing the Arctic

Marvin Warkentin: Saving the Ocean

Congratulations to all these fine writers who care enough for our planet to creatively enlighten others so that they too may spread the word. The total number who entered the contest was truly outstanding. Well done all! The Peachland Community Arts Council and the Peachland Wellness Centre, both of whom support the Writers UnBlocked who ran the contest, would like to express their appreciation to the New Monaco Enterprise Corporation for their generous prize donations.

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