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A Cultivating Journey: The Herman H. Levy Legacy

This exhibition is organized and circulated by the McMaster Museum of Art and curated by Dr. Ihor Holubizky, Senior Curator.

June 16 to October 28, 2018


Camille Pissarro (French/Français, 1830–1903), Pommiers en fleurs/Apple Trees, 1870, oil on canvas/huile sur toile, 45.7 × 55.3 cm, Gift of/Don de Herman H. Levy, 1984, McMaster Museum of Art

In 1984, Hamilton businessman and philanthropist Herman Herzog Levy (1902-1990) formalized the donation of his art collection to the McMaster Museum of Art.

His collection of 185 works included a remarkable selection of historical and modern European art. The gift ranks among the most important donations to a university gallery in Canada for its quality and significance, and rivals that of more publically known donations.

Herman H. Levy also provided a substantial financial Bequest with the only stipulation that the funds be used for continuing collection purchases and the proviso that it be used for works created outside of North America.

The earliest pieces in the exhibition date from the 15th Century, including a number of etchings on paper by Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, while a number of more recent works are from the 1950s and 60s. It features works by artists including Gustave Courbet, Claude Monet, Mary Beale, Camille Pissarro, Vincent van Gogh, and many others.

More than sixty drawings, etchings, and paintings comprise the exhibition which spans five centuries of visual art, and offers viewers the opportunity to examine a variety of art movements and styles.

A Cultivating Journey reflects the remarkable acumen of Levy as a collector and offers visitors a cross-section of art history through the filter of his personal interests, which favoured Impressionist and Post-Impressionist landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.

Visionary partner

Exhibition sponsor

This project is supported by the Museums Assistance Program at Canadian Heritage.




Woven Together

Guest Curated by Jaimie Isaac

July 14 to October 7, 2018

Curated by Jaimie Isaac, Woven Together is a group exhibition featuring Indigenous artists Ursula Johnson, Meagan Musseau, Meghann O’Brien, and Tania Willard. Each of these artists’ work relates to the woven basket as a contemporary methodology to explore epistemologies, interwoven narratives and histories. These artists consider weaving a reflexive practice as the maker’s hands create interlaced actions through a learned, contemplative, and repetitive process binding together layers of knowledge and material. Representing nations from Coast Salish Territory in British Columbia to Ktaqmkuk Territory in Newfoundland, Woven Together entangles practices from the West and the East to unravel intergenerations and intertribal memories of matriarchal kinships, knowledge, and practices.

Opening Reception
Friday, July 13, 6 to 8 pm
Featuring a performance by The Salish Sisters: Tracey Kim Bonneau and Cease Wyss.
This is a free event, open to members and guests by invitation.

Panel Discussion 
Tuesday, July 17, at 6 pm
Join us for a panel discussion with Guest Curator Jaimie Isaac and artists Meagan Musseau, Meghann O’Brien, and Tania Willard.


Tania Willard’s Gut Instincts

A lasting component of Woven Together, an exhibition guest curated by Jaimie Isaac

Summer 2018 to summer 2019

Gut Instincts, 2018, Digital mural on adhesive textile, laser cut silk and satin ribbon, copper welding rods, wood stumps. Courtesy of the Artist.

Gut Instincts is an affirmation of women’s intuition, gut instinct and ancestral voices that collapse the past, future, and present into an embodied and visceral experience of the present. This work takes its origin in a design from a cedar root basket collected as part of the North Pacific Jesup Expedition (1897-1902) from Stl’atl’imx territories. In many collections, basketry from this period is unattributed to a maker. As an expression of Indigenous women’s art forms, this disappearance of named makers and ancestor artists represents the colonial disappearances and dispossession of Indigenous women, communities, and lands. Ethnographic framing of basketry as an art form has meant that these art objects have been isolated in museums as artifacts of a culture of the past.

My works seeks to bring these ideas, expressions, and questions that challenge the legacy and histories of anthropological framing of Indigenous art forms into light and into connection with lived Indigenous experiences. Digitally altering and gesturing to the ‘entrails pattern’, the design was acknowledged in the work of anthropologists James Teit and in Livingston Farrand’s published work from the Jesup Expedition that examined the lineage of abstraction from natural observation to cultural motif. This piece marks out space to value intuition and ‘gut feeling’ as they related to ideas of this unique design. Farrand’s text sheds some doubt on the attribution of this as an ‘entrails pattern’ but I also see in this design a deep reciprocity with Indigenous lands and sacred acts of reciprocity and interrelationship with animal and other non-human worlds.

In this artwork the courtyard space itself is considered as a basket, a container of potentiality and possibility to value and acknowledge the invisible role of the ancestral in our daily and future lives. Small silk ribbon flags with laser cut text employ equally intense colour and saturation as in the exterior digital print, marking out the autonomous spaces of ancestral honouring. Like the flags used to mark out buried gas lines or hazards or archeological finds, these flags serve to mark out space for acknowledging the orbit of other worlds, non-human, non-linear, non-binary and the possibility of the constellation of liberated orbits of belonging.

Tania Willard, of Secwe?pemc and settler heritage, works within the shifting ideas around contemporary and traditional, often working with bodies of knowledge and skills that are conceptually linked to her interest in intersections between Aboriginal and other cultures. Public Art projects include, Rule of the Trees, a public art project at Commercial Broadway sky train station, in Vancouver BC and If the Drumming Stops, with artist Peter Morin, on the lands of the Papaschase First Nation in Edmonton, AB. Willard’s ongoing collaborative project BUSH gallery, is a conceptual land-based gallery grounded in Indigenous knowledges and relational art practices. Willard is an MFA candidate at UBCO Kelowna, BC and her current research constructs a land rights aesthetic through intuitive archival acts.


Awestruck, Calendar of Ecology

Julie Oakes
Satellite Space at the Kelowna International Airport
February 19 to August 13, 2018

Awestruck, Calendar of Ecology is based on calendar constructs and set in the future, as if a display in a museum that is documenting life on earth as it once was in a more perfect environment. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter reconnect with primal themes of the land, animals, and the elements. Self-consciousness in their demeanour, the animal subjects are given the reverence of saints—fur perfect and eyes bejewelled. They seem to reflect an ideal of nature rather than the real, messy and unpredictable “otherness” of the animal kingdom.

Julie Oakes received a Masters in Visual Arts, NYU, and a Masters in Social and Political Science, New School for Social Research, in New York. After living in Toronto, Oakes, with Richard Fogarty, moved back to Vernon where they designed and built Headbones Gallery and her studio.


Dylan Ranney: Refuge

The Artist’s Garden Project at the Kelowna Art Gallery 2017 / 2018


Spring 2017 to Spring 2018

Think back to your childhood and if you were fortunate enough to grow up with any amount of contact with the natural world – even if it was only an empty lot near your home – you may have had the idea of creating a hide out there. You perhaps used found materials to make yourself a secret refuge from the world, where you could rest and dream, feeling a connection to nature, like a bear in its den.

It is this sort of memory that is Ranney’s starting point for his garden installation titled Refuge. Visitors may simply wish to enjoy a space where they can get away from the noise and have a moment of peace, or they may choose to reflect on what the idea of refuge might mean now, with the need for sanctuary from ongoing conflicts around the world.

Ranney has constructed raised beds, with plants that grow low to the ground gradually giving way to those that are taller, as the visitor navigates to the heart of the space. You are invited to visit the pod structure, built from natural materials harvested locally, where you may wish to sit for a while.

Opening Reception
Friday, June 23, 7 to 9 pm
This is a free event, open to members and guests by invitation.


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EXHIBIT: Heather Yip & Bethany Handfield

January 3 @ 8:00 am – March 30 @ 8:00 pm

Pacific Safety Products Boardroom Exhibition

Artist Statement:

“Welcome to Whimsy Peaks! A town located at the top of some snowy mountains; possibly on this planet, but probably not. If you venture here who knows what kind of life forms you will encounter. Are these real entities or simply your own fading memories. You decide. Either way don’t tell anyone, Whimsy Peaks needs more visitors like you.”

-Heather Yip & Bethany Handfiel



March 3 @ 8:00 am – March 30 @ 8:00 pm


South Atrium Exhibition



John Delaney is an Emmy award winning Storyboard Artist, Director, Designer, Animator and Comic Book Artist with over 30 years of experience in live action production and both 2D & 3D animation as well as Gaming.  He is the first director in Canada to direct, design and deliver a full 26 episode season of an international action/adventure property -Voltron Force which debuted as the highest rated premier ever on Nicktoons.

In comics John has drawn for DC Comics – Justice League Adventures, Superman Adventures, Dexter’s Laboratory, Scooby Doo and many more. For Bongo Comics John has drawn The Simpsons, Bart Simpson Comics, the Eisner award nominated Death of Comic Book Guy, the McBain one shot and Futurama.


UBCO Photography Students, ‘FOCAL POINTS’

March 2 @ 8:00 am – March 30 @ 8:00 pm


Alex Fong Galleria Exhibition

From black and white photographs hand printed in the traditional darkroom, to digital images montaged and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop, this exhibition highlights the wide diversity of content and form in the work being done by photography students at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. This collection of photo based artwork has been created by students in second, third and fourth year and is being shown in both the Alex Fong Galleria, March 2 – March 30, and the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art’s Member’s Gallery, from March 3 – March 17, 2018.

Opening Reception on Friday, March 9th from 6-8pm


Alternator banner


March 23 – April 7, 2018

March 23 – April 7, 2018

Opening reception March 23 

Bruce Roth belongs to British Columbia’s Artist Sculptors. He is using metal based construction, and concrete material to create indoor and outdoor sculptures based on human image and nature subject matter. His work belongs to many private collections in Canada and Europe. Bruce supports national and local charities, and organizations including : Compassion Canada, Habitat for humanity, Rotary Clubs and Kelowna food banks.



March 23 – May 5, 2018

March 23 – May 5, 2018

Opening Reception March 23 @ 6-8 pm

Vancouver-based Emily Neufeld’s practice revolves around domestic spaces and place, and explores the link between a person’s identity and their location. She uses homes slated for demolition as starting points for her art and performs interventions in the space that act as continuations of the evidence of daily life of previous residents of the homes.




The Hambleton Galleries

Proudly Introduces

Click to RSVP by Email

EXHIBITION – August 2 – August 16, 2018

The Hambleton Galleries are very proud to announce our 2018 summer show featuring legendary Okanagan artists Ken Gillespie and Robyn Lake! Please join us for an evening of incredible art from two of the best painters this valley has ever seen.

Ken Gillespie SCFA

Ken was born in Vancouver in 1948 and spent most of his life in Calgary until moving to the Okanagan in 2000. He has been a full time professional artist for over 20 years and is known for his oil and acrylic landscapes, done in a loose and colourful impressionist style, which are instantly recognizable. Ken is a senior signature member (SFCA) of the Federation of Canadian Artists, of which there are only 81 in Canada-wide, and has had over 40 solo shows in art galleries across the country.

Robyn Lake BFA

Robyn was born in Cairns, Australia and came to Canada in 1976. She moved to the Okanagan in 1991 where she loves to paint outside, varying her subject matter from intimate close up views of flowers and fruit to panoramic views of the landscape. Her luscious paintings reflect her intense love of the land, and her vibrant colours express her emotional response to her subject matter. Robyn’s oil and acrylic paintings have been in numerous solo and group exhibitions and are in collections around the globe.


 2018 ARTSCAPE – Spring Session

Artscape is an exhibition program dedicated to providing local professional and emerging artists with year-round, special exhibitions, high profile showcase locations, and marketing opportunities.

Sarah Gagnon at Aubin and Associates


Sara Gagnon was born and raised in Kelowna, B.C. Canada.  She comes from a big, creative family and is the only daughter among six brothers. Sara has always been encouraged in the arts and began painting as a teenager. Over time her love for the visual arts grew and she has spent countless hours observing […]


Terry Thomson at Kelowna Community Theatre


Terry Thomson is a First Nations male from the Nlaka’pamux (Ing-kla-cap-ma) Nation. His First Nation band is the Cook’s Ferry Band in Spence’s Bridge B.C. Born in Smithers B.C. in 1970, he has spent a majority of his life living in the Okanagan/Similkameen region. Terry graduated from Princeton Secondary in 1988 and spent two years […]


Bobby Vandenhoorn at the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce


Bobby Vandenhoorn, an artist by passion, was born on Vancouver Island BC in 1982 and has lived in the Lake Country area for the last 14 years. By the time he was 17, he was painting his first outdoor wall mural, and since then, he has commissioned over 50 different murals not only for homeowners and […]


Rachel Neale at Mission Library


Rachel Neale explores the relationships with self, others and nature through mixed media and abstract paintings. Rachel is not afraid to tackle big emotions, messy conflict and conversations about mental health. Her intent as an artist is to illuminate the beauty and messiness of the human experience. She works on canvas and wood panel with acrylic, […]


Christopher Byrd at Okanagan College Library


Christopher Byrd has a Masters degree in Communication Studies from McGill University and is a retired secondary school teacher of English, Photography, Filmmaking, and Graphic Design from Montreal. In retirement, he recorded his world travels in digital images that he now prints, mounts, and exhibits. While photojournalism was an integral part of his travels […]   NEWSOKANAGAN COLLEGE LIBRARY


Moozhan Ahmadzadegan at Okanagan College Library


Moozhan Ahmadzadegan attempts to create works that are critical, contemplative, and challenging. Currently, his practise involves themes of identity such as race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Moozhan aims to challenge the conventions of art. This process gives him the opportunity to experiment with different materials, surfaces, and display methods in order to contemplate the boundaries […]



Megan Byers at Okanagan College Library


Megan Byers questions the history of the portrayal of the female figure by painting images that have a sexually charged feeling, even if these images are completely innocent. She explores themes of feminism, sexuality, beauty standards, gender norms, and the history of the portrayal of women. Megan is currently finishing her final semester in the […]





SWAC Call to Artists



New Moon Banner

website image
Welcome to New Moon Art Gallery in West Kelowna, BC
New Moon Gallery, located in West Kelowna, BC, has a unique atmosphere with a gallery of original artwork and a working studio. Enjoy a cup of tea in the ambiance of acoustic music while you browse our collection of Canadian works in paintings, photography, sculptures of bronze and stone, wood turned bowls, pottery and jewelry.
New Moon Gallery is owned and operated by artist, Linda Lovisa. At any given time you visit the gallery, you’ll find Linda working on her latest works or teaching and demonstrating in the studio. Art classes are offered year around in acrylics and watercolour.
“All great art is the expression of man’s delight in God’s own work,
not his own.”
~John Ruskin~
There is nothing like the Okanagan landscape to inspire new and acclaimed artists in their quest to capture it’s natural beauty. The shimmering lake, vineyards, and mountains provide constant stimulation for uncorking creativity. Come visit Wesbank’s newest gallery, dubbed “Westbank’s hidden Gem.”

Plein Air Painting at Quail’s Gate Winery

Saturday, June 2 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm for morning light (rain or shine)

Learn the how to’s about outdoor painting with Linda Lovisa. If you are curious about plein air or want to explore plein air painting,  please join us at this beautiful Okanagan location. All mediums welcome….pastel, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and oils.

It has some of the most beautiful vistas in the valley. This session also includes a picnic lunch created by Chef Roger along with a glass of Quail’s Gate wine! We will paint from 8am till noon and then lunch will be served. Arrival on site will be 7:30 so we set up and capture the morning light. All mediums are welcome.

We had the most beautiful day for our plein air session at Quail’s Gate. I will do another one in the fall to capture the golden fields. Stay posted for the next outing. Hope you are able to join us next session.

Cost:               $85.00 per session, lunch and taxes included

Contact the Gallery to register soon as the class has limited spaces available or phone 778-797-0791




On Sunday afternoons from 2  to 4:30 pm until June 3 enjoy Truly Beloved Opera Classics at the Ad Lib Art Gallery on Bridlehill Drive in West Kelowna. This wonderful gallery/studio of original oil paintings and photographic artwork set amidst a panoramic mountain/view garden oasis will whet your appetite and awaits you for the 5 stars unique experience that has won the 2016 District of West Kelowna Community Bloom Best Residential/Commercial Award.

Curated music together with arts and culture showpieces feature outstanding performances and artists of some of the world’s best opera repertoires all supported by interesting background information and historical documentation. Enjoy organic homemade Viennese desserts made with the best ingredients of traditional family Austrian recipes handed down for generations along with a variety of delicious Viennese coffees.

Claudia Kargl at the opening of the Ad Lib Art Gallery

Due to limited space an RSVP is required.


Download the Ad Lib Art Gallery Brochure HERE

May to June programme

May 6thJohann StraussThe Waltz King

May 13thThe Magic of Mozart

May 27thThe Power of Beethoven

June 3rdViennese Charm of “The Fledermaus” (The Bat) and “The Merry Widow”

Total cost of program $45.00 or $15.00 per session.  Email:  tel. 250-768-1404

For a detailed 2018 spring/summer schedule of upcoming showcases visit


Creative Art Series: Monet’s Water Lilies

Sat Jun 16 2018 at 02:00 pm to 04:30 pm


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!You’ve always admired Monet’s Water Lilies; why not create them yourself in this first series of impressionistic workshops held at Grizzli Winery. Create a one-of-a-kind artwork that looks like it was painted from Monet’s own garden in Giverny, on the banks of the River Seine.Join us for the June installment of our Creative Art Series, where you will create your own tribute to Monet’s works.You will be gently guided by professional artist Louise Lambert with tips on your set up and palate recommendations. Your art supplies, including canvas, acrylic paints and paint brushes will be all provided for your use. Inspiration from pictures, artwork and music will encourage your creation.Tickets include a tour of Grizzli Winery– get an in-depth look at our tasting room, part of the production area, then an introduction to some of Grizzli Winery’s signature wines with a tasting! Also enjoy two glasses of wine paired with chocolate & cheese platters while creating your work of art.Tickets: $68Tickets can be purchased online. You can also purchase in person or over the phone (to avoid paying the online processing fee). For more information, please e-mail or call 250-769-6789! Space is limited, so purchase your tickets today!Must be 19+ to attend.

Also check out other Arts Events in KelownaWorkshops in Kelowna.

Everything you need is included.  Listen to inspirational music and enjoy wine while creating your works.

Our last two workshops sold out, so be sure to reserve now by calling 250-769-6789 or email:



PCAC Logo design


Peachland logo






Passion4Art  is proud to announce our Second Annual Art Show & Sale. It will be held in the 50 Plus Centre on Saturday July 21 and Sunday July 22 from 10:00am – 4:00pm each day. Admission is Free!

We felt that there was less likelihood of really bad weather in July – unlike our inaugural show in November when Mother Nature threw a monster winter snow storm at us a month early!

Passion4Art is a collective of very eclectic artists who meet at the 50 plus Centre each Friday under the guidance of Roberta Farrelly.

Some of the artists are “beginners” and others more experienced.  Some have just started painting and others have dabbled for years.

Our work covers a wide range of subjects and styles. Realism, impressionism, abstract and everything in between!

A range of assorted mediums will be exhibited, including watercolour, acrylic, mixed medium, alcohol ink and even sculpture.

Passion4Art meets on Fridays as a class in a social setting. We love our art and enjoy spending time with people of like mind. As most of our group is retired or semi retired, it is wonderful, at last, to be able to make time for our Passion4Art.

Please come and see our work. And maybe have your picture taken with our very own Okanagan Town Crier.







Peachland United Church

Friday,  May 4 – 7:30 pm

Featuring the award-winning Sharlene Wallace from Toronto, and Aaron Ord, the Okanagan’s rising Harp talent!

Tickets: $20 – Adult/ $15 – Senior   $10 – Student, Child

At the Door, or

Reserve yours from



24th Annual Dollhouse Miniatures Show and Sale

The Miniature Enthusiasts of the Central Okanagan present the 24th Annual Dollhouse Miniatures Show and Sale,  which will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at the Peachland Community Centre, 4450-6th Street, in Peachland.  Hours are 10 am to 3 pm.   Admission is $3. Children under 8 years are free.  For further information call Paul at 250-767-2842



FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2018






Dennis Eugene Norman Burton: Tell Me a Story Blossom








Keep Penticton White: A Historical View in Partnership with the Penticton Museum


On display in the Toni Onley Gallery.




On display in the Main Gallery








Click HERE for a PDF file of the Schedule of full events ​

The Penticton Community Arts Council is pleased  to present Penticton’s inaugural Arts festival, Arts Rising, Sept 21-24th, 2017.  This is a multi-discplinary, multi venued event celebrating our creative community.  It will all be located in the downtown core of Penticton, making the entire event walkable.  This will mark the beginning of an annual celebration of art in all its diverse forms.  Arts Rising will feature a short film festival,  music & dance, visual arts, a Photography Contest and exhibition, mural paintings, a Youth Pop Up Gallery, First Nations Gallery & Book Store, Dinner Theatre, Story Telling and ArtWear, a wearable art fashion show and workshops.

AS a warm up to the celebration of the arts in Penticton, Thursday, Sept 21st will see the 9th  Pecha Kucha with 10 speakers on the topic “My Vision for the Arts in Penticton”.    This will be held at Cannery Brewing, doors opening at 6:30 pm

The inaugural Snake Bite Film Festival will have its first screening  on Friday, Sept 21st at the Landmark Cinema.  This will feature an award winning short film by one of Penticton’s very own Mad​dison  Tebbut

 There will be 5 Screenings over the course of the weekend.  Sunday morning will feature short films for children. Sunday’s finale will be all of the submissions for the Snake Bite 48 hour film competition and an awards ceremony .  Friday evening will feature a Gala Event: Snakebite Cabaret at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Come prepared to be charmed by the extravagance of outrageous creativity with live music and burlesque performances by Boundless Belly Dance.

Friday evening will also see the official opening of the Arts Rising Youth Pop Up Gallery, located in the former Wings store at 456 Main Street.  There will be an exhibit of artwork by community and First Nations Youth, as well as a variety of workshops.  The Youth Pop up Gallery will also serve as Arts Rising headquarters for the weekend.

Our First Nations community will be present with a pop up Gallery and Theytus Bookstore on Main Street, at #2 – 419 Main Street.

Gyro Park will be the happy home of music, and dance, live art, and art vendors all day on Saturday, Sept 23.  There will be a make and take crafting tent, focused on upcycled crafts.   On Sunday, it  will also be filled as we have partnered with the Kidney Walk to present the Healing Power of Art.  There will also be a guided walk of public art as part of the festivities.

Penticton is home to a number of highly creative photographers, and we want to celebrate that by offering a major exhibit of local work.   This will be located at Felts Photography, located at  221 Main Street.  There will be a contest and a number of workshops to assist all of us novices to take better pictures! ​

ReImagine has been revived.  The very successful Street Art Festival is returning. Watch for a number of prominent locations in our downtown core to be transformed into colourful and meaningful works of art, including 333 Main Street

All of the downtown galleries will be open and offering various presentations including story telling at St Germaines, workshops at Little & Long Studios,  and the Martin Street Gallery.

Saturday, Sept 23,  the roof of the Penticton Lakeside Hotel  parkade will be the venue for Parkadium, a celebration of the energetic music of a variety of well known Okanagan bands, running from 12 noon onwards into the beautiful Okanagan autumn evening.  Some of the bands on the line up include Cosmic Brew, Lake Man and The Screen Doors.

O​n  Sunday, Sept 24, the Cannery Brewing Company will be the site of ArtWear, the second year for this contemporary partnership of wearable art/fashion/music and dance. The title is Chrysalis, the theme is the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly.

Tickets for all of the main events including Pecha Kucha the Snake Bite Film Festival, Snake Ball,  Parkadium, and ArtWear will be available online through EventBrite.  The complete program is available through the Arts Rising website

For more information or to volunteer please call the Penticton Arts Council at 250.492.7997 or email




Art from the Heart

February 15th to April 20th


Opening night is February 15th at 6:30 pm! Artists are asked to bring in up to 2 pieces of original art work by Feb 6.

The exhibition will run from February 15th to April 20th.

You are invited to share your art work in any of the following categories: painting (any media), drawing, photography, graphics, and mixed media.

Exhibition Submission Requirements:

– works of art must be of original design, and one of a kind.

– works of art must be display ready with suitable wire for the hanging system. Artwork that is not suitable for hanging will be rejected.

– works of art must be identified on the back with artist name, title, medium, price

– Exhibition maximum is two works of art per artist.

– Artwork delivery to 760 Main St: 9 am to 4 pm, February 6th, 2018

– Opening date of February 15th at 6:30 pm



Front Street Gallery Banner


Light, Shadow, Colour

by   Carollyne Sinclaire

July 6-19

Guest Artist in attendance:  July 7 and July 14, 11am -1pm

Opening Reception:  July 7, 11am-1pm

                Carollyne enjoys painting subjects that are considered ordinary, and exploring their forms and colours, which display their extraordinary qualities.   After she completed her BA in Linguistics and Spanish and Master’s degree in Education at SFU, she received her Diploma in Art Education from the University of British Columbia in 1999, focusing on ceramics and textiles, after which she was awarded University of BC’s Art Teacher of the Year.

            During her childhood Carollyne attended Saturday classes at the old Vancouver Art Gallery on Georgia Street on Saturdays.  In her teens she took classes at the Vancouver School of Art (the former Emily Carr School of Art).  In the last ten years she rediscovered her passion for painting, participating in classes from a wide variety of instructors, Carol Marine, Jan Crawford, Mike Svob, Jeff Smith, Patti Mollica, and Colleen J. Dyson. Influences on her work include Okanagan imagery, as well as travel and life abroad.  Carollyne is currently a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists SOS and has participated in juried shows.

Carollyne’s oil and acrylic paintings have appeared in art shows, restaurants and wineries in Osoyoos and Oliver and have been purchased by art lovers throughout Canada and the U.S.

The gallery will be open Tuesday to Saturday 10am- 4pm.  And 9am-4pm Saturdays during Market Season.

Check out the website at:

 And like us on


Guest Artist:   Lyse Deselliers

 “Santé Penticton!”  Art Show

 July 20-Aug 2 /2018

Front Street Gallery celebrates our current Guest Artist’s Art Show. We invite you to join us in the gallery to see new works. Paintings, prints and cards are available for purchase, rent or commission.

Lyse Deslliers

Guest Artist in attendance:  July 21/2018

Opening Reception:  July 21/2018 10am-12pm

Santé Penticton!  Or in other words:  Cheers Penticton! This show is meant to celebrate all the never ending and oh-so-much-fun activities that are offered in and around Penticton. I have attempted to paint a series that illuminates this awesome corner of the world I love so much. So look closely and name them all! Santé!

The gallery will be open Tuesday to Saturday 10am- 4pm.  And 9am-4pm Saturdays during Market Season.

Check out the website at:

 And like us on


Bobi McMillan


Guest Artist in attendance:   Aug 4/2018 and Aug 11/2018


Opening Reception: Aug 4/2018 10am-12pm

Bobi grew up in a small town in the Okanagan Valley in south, central British Columbia,

Canada, in a relaxed natural environment with time for exploring and discovery.

Never one to tolerate idleness, she multi-tasked long telephone chats by doodling. This developed into Telephone Art, her passion, her creative outlet, her meditation.        

The gallery will be open Tuesday to Saturday 10am- 4pm.  And 9am-4pm Saturdays during Market Season.

Check out the website at:

 And like us on


Tumbleweed banner



Art Gallery Facebook

HEADS UP – New Art from Local Okanagan Artists


June 15th – September 15th

Opening Reception
Thursday, June 15th 5pm-8pm

About the Exhibition

HEADS UP is a group exhibition at the Tumbleweed Gallery (Penticton, BC) that explores the phrase “Heads Up” in its many varied interpretations. The title is drawn from a discussion among the artists who felt that it captured the attention grabbing nature of art.



Hello Art Friends.

It has been quiet the winter, but it looks like spring and summer are finally here. Despite the floods all around us, we made the most of it and frequented our wonderful local Skaha and Okanagan Lakes for walks, plus taking in events around town. We hope you are ready to get out and enjoy the upcoming art shows as well the Penticton Market that has just began.

Merle Somerville is planning a great year with his Art Exhibits. The 6 week Photography Exhibit at the Peachland Art Gallery Feb 27th to April 1st was a success despite the snow. Thank you to those of you who weathered the storm and were able to attend the Opening Reception.

Somerville‘s amazing canvases were selected again to be part of a Group Show which continues to be a great success at Nest & Nectars wonderful restaurant.  Their food and friendly service is outstanding. For those of you who don’t know Nestars and their weekend buffets (it’s a must), plus the Many Hats live theatre is just a step away.

There are over 30 artists exhibiting their artwork at the present Exhibit to view or for sale. The Exhibit is displayed every three months and then a new show begins, so it’s never too late to check out the many new art pieces.  

Merle hopes you will be able to view his artwork and invites you to attend the Opening.  If you would like to arrange meeting him to discuss purchasing one of his canvases, please contact him at or call 250.689.8060.  Fine Art prints are available in standard and custom sizes. Please check out his website to view his most recent artwork.



We are open from 11am – 5 pm Tuesday through Friday and 10 am – 3 pm on Saturdays. Please feel free to make and appointment Mondays and other desired times by calling Renée at 250 488 4999

We offer a selection of paintings, bronze sculpture, Jewelry and ceramics by Canadian Artists as well as antiques. We are happy to help you find that special piece for your home or business.

Commissions available.

Enjoy a coffee or tea in our Paris Tea Room or book a Private Event.





Active Workings

Sean Caufield
March  8 – May 16, 2018


Sean Caulfield; studio view, work in progress; print matrix, sculpture and woodcut print, credit: dc3 Art Projects

Through installation, sculpture and printmaking Sean Caulfield’s work considers the ways our environment is transformed by forces of urban and industrial growth. The visual images and environments he creates blur boundaries between the biological and the technological, the organic and the mechanical, and challenge viewers to consider the implications of this merging.

The Board of Directors and Executive Director, Dauna Kennedy Grant, invite you and a guest to the opening reception of Active Workings by Sean Caufield at the Vernon Public Art Gallery. Enjoy an evening of music, contemporary art, locally crafted beer, wine, and appetizers, on Thursday, March 8, 2018, from 6 p.m – 8 p.m.


Art and Soul

SD#22 High School Students
April 19 – May 16, 2018

Artwork created by secondary students from School District #22, displays a maturity of handling various mediums and more importantly, demonstrates a strong conceptual approach.

The Board of Directors and Executive Director, Dauna Kennedy Grant, invite you and a guest to the opening reception of Art and Soul by School District 22 Secondary Students on Thursday, April 19th from 6-8 p.m at the Vernon Public Art Gallery. Enjoy an evening of art, music, appies, and punch at the opening reception for Art and Soul.

Art and Soul, Opening Reception, 2017


Vernon Community Arts Centre



The Centre Gallery of the Vernon Community Arts Centre allows ACNO Members to display the artwork of both emerging and established artists of all skill levels. Work is non juried and has to fit the criteria of our changing monthly themes. Artists can have their work for sale by choice; The VCAC takes 20% of all lobby sales. Entry forms for work submitted and information are available at the front desk. There is a limit on pieces, space permitting, if submitted by the deadline. Late pieces will not be accepted. Items must be ready to hang.





May 24 to July 8

Here -> Over There brings together three artists, Rachel Mercer, Kelsie Balehowsky and Hanss Lujan. 


Using text, animation, projections and mixed media, this exhibition explores the idea of self and place and the impact we have on our surroundings. Looking at the individual rather than the ‘whole’ is the concept behind this exhibition…considering loneliness and frailty of being human.

Mercer, Balehowsky and Lujan are currently based in the Okanagan.

Media Contact: Wanda Lock – curator tel: 250 864 5597 or 250 766 4873



Summerland banner



Summerland Arts Centre






 Naramata Arts Studio 18th Annual Exhibit and Sale

Naramata posterDuring the Fall Wine Fest, the Naramata Arts Studio presents their 17th Annual Art Exhibit and Sale, September 30th to October 3rd, 11 am to 6 pm except Sunday when it will be open 12 noon to 6 pm. The Opening Reception will take place September 29th from 7 to 9 pm. The artwork exhibited will be recent works from these talented artists.The Naramata Arts Studio is a small group of local artists who paint together once a week at the Naramata Elementary School. In exchange the artists help the school with the art program and provide an art scholarship each summer to a student. The group also exhibits at Lang Winery on the Naramata Bench.The Naramata Arts Studio would like to thank Lang Vineyards, Naramata Elementary School and the Naramata Community Church for their continued support of our artistic endeavours!



Oliver Community Arts Council Banner

FASS 2018 THEME: Go with the Flow

September 29 – 30, 2018



Deadline September 7, 2018

The THEME of the 2018 Fall Art Show & Sale was announced on the weekend: “Go with the Flow”.

Here are just a few inspirations to get you started:
* the flowing application of a paintbrush or drip techniques,
* rippling jewelry designs, 
* curved shapes in wood, metal and glass,
* capturing movement in photography such as dance or a bicycle race or a windy day,
* relaxing fluid abstract shapes, or
* get socio-political and make an artistic comment on “group-think”.
* maybe it’s the technique you use
* maybe it’s the colours you choose.

What does going with the flow mean in your life? Taking it easy? Letting others decide? Jumping into a current of thought with both feet and seeing where it takes you?

Go with your own artistic flow, and start dreaming of your Fall Art Show and Sale submission for next year.

Dates: September 29 – 30, 2018
Early Bird Draw Deadline: Thursday September 6, 2018
Entry Form Deadline: Friday September 7, 2018
Extension for Youth Artists ONLY: Friday September 14, 2018

Oliver Community Arts Council




Thursday, June 14 – 6:30 pm – Quails Nest Studio, Airport Road

Pat Pauly has been designing and making quilts since 1981 when she established Pat Pauly Contemporary Quilts. A former exhibition designer and art graduate, she has generated international attention for her strong and contemporary fiber work. Her studio, in Rochester, New York, produces work that evokes natural forms, while remaining abstract, often with a myriad of surface design techniques. Pat’s works has been featured in numerous publications, seen in exhibitions internationally, and is in private and corporate collections. Pat Pauly is a frequent lecturer on the relationship of traditional quilts to contemporary works, conducts workshops on contemporary art quilt design, and curates exhibitions of fiber art.

For event info contact
Janet Bednarczyk                                                                                            Check out Pat’s work at